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Want to enroll, please click here.


The annual open enrollment period in which all eligible graduate staff may enroll in the graduate staff plan and other benefits takes place each fall. This site will be updated with more information as the period draws near.

New graduate staff hires and those newly eligible for benefits will have 30 days from their date of hire to enroll. Enrollment in the graduate staff health plan outside of the annual enrollment period or a newly eligible appointment is only allowed with a qualifying life event (see Qualifying Event Form at the bottom of this page). Enrollment in your benefits is a two-step process. It is important to complete the steps below as changes cannot be made after the deadline without a qualifying life event. 1) Medical insurance (includes standalone vision plan with VSP)

o CLICK HERE to enroll in the University-subsidized graduate staff health plan if you are a new hire or newly eligible.

o Use the Benefits and Cost links on the menu at the top of the page for more information on the graduate staff health plan

o AHP Enrollment Guide


2) Dental insurance and other voluntary benefits

o To enroll in dental and other voluntary benefits, click here to go to the OneCampus Portal and click the Benefitfocus link

o Note: You will not be able to access Benefitfocus without a valid SSN on file. Once a valid SSN is on file and has transferred to the system, you will receive an email notifying you when you have gained access.

o Log in with your Purdue career account username and password

If you would like to enroll in Continuation Coverage, please click here to see if you are eligible.


To be eligible for continuation Coverage, you must have been insured for at least 3 continuous months on the Purdue Student Health Insurance Plan, and you must submit premium within 30 days after your existing coverage terminates.
If you believe you are eligible for Continuation Coverage, please download the form below and follow the instructions to apply.
Sending the form in by fax to (855) 858-1964 is the preferred method. If you cannot fax the form in, you can email it to without filling in your payment information and one of our representatives will contact you to complete payment. Please be sure to include the telephone number where you can be reached.

Find a Dentist

The graduate staff health plan includes limited dental coverage with Anthem. Click the “How to Find a Dentist” link below if you are looking for pediatric dental services or dental services needed to treat an injury resulting from an accident.

Eligible graduate staff may also enroll in separate dental insurance with Delta Dental. You may view additional details on the dental benefit options, including how to find a dentist for adult dental services, on the Graduate Staff Dental Insurance webpage.

Enrollment in dental and other voluntary benefits is done through the Benefitfocus enrollment tool linked from the OneCampus Portal. Log in with your Purdue career account username and password.

Change Address, Phone, or Email

It is very important to make sure that your address, phone number, and email address on file at Purdue University are current and accurate. If not, ID cards, explanation of benefits, and other notifications about your student health insurance plan may not get to you. If you have moved or your contact information has changed, please make sure you update your contact information with Purdue University. Contact our Human Resources Customer Service at (765) 494-2222 or if you need assistance.

Additionally, please notify us at so we can update our records as well. Please include “Contact information update” in the subject line and your first name, last name, and student ID, as well your new contact information, in the email message.